Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Change I Can't Change.

People or couples who are already parents tell Justin and I (all the time), "Your lives are never going to be the same!" And I think I know this, but I really don't. I am grateful that God gives us 9, well really 10, months to prepare for this new arrival to come!

There are tons of things to plan and buy for this seven(ish) pound wonder, but I have not done anything. Where do I even start?! I keep telling myself that when we find out the sex, it will much easier to get the ball rolling...? We'll see.

But one change that I have been thinking about the past couple of days are the huge changes that will come next holiday season, in 2010. It will not be about what to buy my husband or making all of my family members happy. The main focus of it will be to establish memories for our baby and buy them all kinds of presents (for my enjoyment) they really don't care about! No longer will Christmas be about me and what I want from my wish list -- all of my selfish mentalities during this season will dwindle. I always love watching my little cousins experience the joy of the holidays from their child viewpoint. It will now be MY little one who is experiencing the holiday fun! I can not wait.

Until then, I am going to suck this Christmas for all it is worth. : )

Friday, October 23, 2009

Update: 12 Weeks Along!

We went to the doctor yesterday and got to see what looked more like a baby, versus an alien! In this sonogram picture, the baby's head is on the right and their legs and feet are sticking up in the air on the left. He/she already has a little belly! When we first saw "it", they were standing straight on their head, just swimming around -- it made us laugh!

Dr. Castillo said all of it's measurements are right on target and everything looks great. That is always a good thing to hear. At 20 weeks we will know what we are having -- it'll be a great Christmas present!

All is well in the Teague house! My nausea is slowly fading away and I have not had any other sick feelings. This will be a great weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I finally threw up.

Everyone, including myself, has been amazed at how great I've been feeling. I have been giving many girls hope that not all pregnancies have to be flogged with vomit and hatred toward your spouse. At worst, my sickness has been is a little nausea each day... just a constant reminder that I am pregnant. But I really can not complain. The nausea will pass in 10/15 minutes and I back to normal. I can still function and even be in a public place and pretend normality. And compared to all of the horror stories I have heard, I really am sailing easy.

...Until... My first spout with "morning" (although it is never in the morning) sickness and threw my guts up on Saturday night. I am starting my 12th week, going into the second trimester and I have been deceived that any uncomfortable feeling would seize after these first 12 weeks, but that has not been the case. For some reason my hormones have decided to kick it into high gear and give me a new set of unwanted symptoms!

Justin held back my hair, gave me water and was picture perfect in a "throwing up" situation. He has only seen me throw up maybe... 3 times? He did his job well that night!

Other than this, I'm just cruising along. We have our next appointment Thursday (10.22) and this time our baby will look like a baby, not an alien. Can't wait to see him/her!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pregnancy Perks

I have always heard of all the horrible feelings and things associated with pregnancy. And yes, there have already been many challenging "changes" such as peeing too much, nausea and I couldn't help but feel a little fat at the beginning when my clothes got too tight. BUT, there have been some really fun perks that I did not know where coming!

My nails look amazing. My hair is stronger than ever, both thanks to prenatal vitamins. I have taken prenatal vitamins for a while (because I wanted the benefits of a multivitamin with extra perks), but these prescription ones are miracle workers. And, the joy of maternity pants is overwhelming for me. Why did anyone ever think buttons and zippers were a good idea? They are liars and we all fell for it. I know there is a big social stigma to wearing "stretchy-band" clothes, but I am really going to consider it after my baby comes. These pants are amazing!! There are a lot of options and many of the tops of pants look like normal ones. Girls, nobody has to know about the stretchy option you have secretly hidden.

The tops aren't so bad either.

Do I sound like a total fatty?! Ha. Maybe, but I'm just real excited about my new findings.

Monday, October 12, 2009

We Are Preggo!

Learning about our pregnancy made me want to become a "blogger" so that our family and friends could be updated with our new life changes. I will aim to make my blogs fun and worthwhile of your reading -- Enjoy!

Today, Justin and I started our 11th week of pregnancy. We found out we were pregnant 6 weeks ago and have been loving the adventure of expectant parenting thus far. The sonogram picture at the top was from the 8th week and our last doctor's visit. This day we heard the heart beat (158 bpm) and got to see the living proof that something was in there! There is so much to do and learn, it is easily overwhelming. And so far we have not done much (as far as the nursery goes...)! We are waiting to find out the sex of our babe before we go crazy buying stuff and setting up it's new residence. Early on we decided to make our front bedroom upstairs the nursery (if you've seen our house), but that is as far as it has gotten. By the second week of December we should know if we are having a boy or girl.

Which leads me to... Everyone asks if we have a preference with what we have. We say that we do not care, but we REALLY do not care. It is not just the "politically correct" thing to say - We will be super happy with either and there are many fun and exciting aspects of boys or girls.

Thank you for reading my first blog EVER! There are all kinds of new things entering into my life : )